Artist Statement

My practice is concerned with the assumptions of female narcissism. Through a feminist lens, I explore notions of self-love within our current society through photography, video and live art. I use photography and video mediums in order to document the performances. The documentation of the performance also becomes the piece in itself but will always differ from the live event. This refers to contemporary narcissism in our society when looking and prepping ourselves in the mirror, to documenting and uploading selfies onto social media. The mediated image will never be a true representation of the real self.

I am influenced by the radical feminist group, Guerrilla Girls (1985). The group of female feminist artists remained anonymous wearing gorilla masks, in order to expose sexual and racial discrimination in the art world. I decided to make my own personalised to fit mask, covered in mirror pieces to confront people’s gazes, rather than disclosing myself. The mask is a key prop in my performances, in relation to contemporary narcissism.

I play on these traits of narcissism by using modern day technology and communications. In my latest works, I ‘FaceTime’ myself through live performance. I capture this experience by layering the two projected images over each other, forming a technological mirror.

I aim for my intention is to unfold why we are so fascinated with ourselves and desire to capture this rather than living in the moment. There is potentially an aesthetic from the use of technology we simply cannot turn away from.