Artist Statement


Hello and welcome to my website. I am a bespoke Portrait and Landscape Artist, predominantly on commission. My most popular request is Personalised Pet Portraits, but I have also supplied human portraits and landscapes. I currently have a particular interest for the The Cornish Landscape. 

COMMISSIONS ARE AVAILABLE. Visit ‘contact’ to inform me of your interests.

Portrait Artist

Since 2016, I have been developing my interest and skill with animal and human portraits. The majority of my commissions are dry medium based using pastel, charcoal and chalk on either black sugar paper or neutral coloured PastelMat. However, I have recently been branching out into my practice with acrylic on canvas. I am keen to further explore and experiment the relationships between different mediums. Therefore, any ideas or requests clients may have would never go ignored. I supply an optional service of professionally mounting and framing commissions if requested. I am flexible with the sizing of the artwork and will happily discuss potential outcomes. Portraits are available on commission.

Landscape Artist

Since 2020, I have become more intrigued with my surroundings since relocating to Cornwall. I have taken a great interest in drawing and painting disused tin mines around the county, including the one in my front garden! I wish to experiment further with this new interest to establish a project in The Cornish Landscape. Landscapes are available on commission.


If you have an enquiry, a request or just a thought, please do not hesitate to contact me directly (see ‘Contacts’ above).

If you would like to see images of previous works, please view above in ‘Artwork’.

See below for the most updated content and projects on my Facebook Art Page.